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The Benefits of Stretching to Improve Physical and Mental Performance

We all know that stretching is important. Especially for those of us that are frequent to working out. Stretching may not strike you as the most enthusiastic or thrilling experience, but the benefits are very much worth the recommended 30 minutes a day. Many of us have leveraged a variety of excuses to avoid partaking in daily, full-body stretch sessions, of which “not having the time” is nestled at the top of the list.

With social distancing guidelines, working from home and a familiarity with quarantine that is not expected to disappear anytime soon, the excuse that we do not have enough time to stretch is invalid. We have more time than ever before! This is the time to make a full body stretch a part of your daily routine. This habit is a great one to have, and will only positively impact your body and your mind with time. The benefits are truly incredible— here a just a few:

  • Increase flexibility and mobility (actively combating negative implications of aging)
  • Stretching before you engage in physical activity prepares your muscles for strenuous movements and decreases risk of injury
  • Helps improve your posture
  • Improves blood circulation, which helps to reduce muscle soreness and recovery time
  • Helps to reduce stress and is an opportunity to introduce practices of meditation to improve body-mind awareness

These benefits just scratch the surface of what stretching can do to improve your physical and mental performance. If you are looking to dive in and commit to bettering your mind and body, Leverage Nutrition’s product, Replenish Hydra+ may be what you are looking for. Promote enhanced recovery time, training endurance and the growth of lean muscle by introducing both a daily a stretch and Replenish Hydra+ into your daily routine.

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