7 Easy Ways to Speed Up Muscle Recovery

7 Easy Ways to Speed Up Muscle Recovery

The human body is made to move. However, it is fragile and requires some tender love and care if we expect it to function optimally, especially as we get older.

When people think of the leading pillars of any health and fitness journey, their mind will typically go to working out and eating right. While exercise and nutrition are massive components of any wellness journey, it is just as important to give your body the time, energy, and resources that it needs for its muscles to recover.

Muscle recovery is no joke. Youthful muscles may bounce back a little quicker than those that are a tad more seasoned. People of all ages and fitness levels tend to neglect muscle recovery because they perceive it to be a big lift. In reality, muscle recovery can be simple and speedy. Not sure how? Consider these 7 ways to speed up muscle recovery and get on to feeling right and ready to tackle your goals.


Does muscle recovery while sleeping sound too good to be true? Absolutely not. Sleep is an essential time for our bodies to heal. When we operate on a regular sleep schedule, our bodies recognize this time and are able to use it as a catalyst for muscle recovery, amongst other things.


Dynamic stretching is just as it sounds-- stretching activities that require movement. These types of stretches engage multiple muscle groups and should be done before and after you workout.


Static stretches, unlike dynamic stretches, are stretches that stay in one place. This allows for your muscles to focus on one static pose. While certain static stretches may feel uncomfortable when you first hop into them, as you hold and breathe through them, your muscles will become less tense and you will be well on your way to feeling more recovered.


Ensuring that you are moving throughout the day is essential when it comes to speeding up muscle recovery. Whether you are working from home or from the office, be sure to take time to stretch, walk, and simply move your body!


If you are working from a desk all day, investing in a standing desk is a game changer. Sitting down for 8 hours a day can be detrimental to your muscle recovery timeline. A standing desk gives you the opportunity to alternate between sitting and standing, ensuring that your muscles get the dynamic positioning that they crave.


Hydration is a muscle recovery secret. No matter if you are working out or resting, making sure that you are getting enough water is a must. When our bodies are hydrated, blood flow to our muscles functions optimally, promoting both muscle recovery and growth.


Yes, stretching, hydration, and sleep are important for muscle recovery, but sometimes our bodies require an extra boost. Incorporating a muscle recovery supplement into your nutrition supplement diet can help to speed up recovery and should be used in tandem to the muscle recovery strategies mentioned above for best results!

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