5 Signs that You Need to Reboot and Recharge

Our bodies are the vehicles for our souls, and just like the cars that we drive, maintenance is essential.

We don’t wait for our cars to break down or require total replacement of expensive parts to take them to the shop. Instead, we respond to the lights that pop up on the dash, we ensure regular oil changes, and get them cleaned every now and again. There is no reason we shouldn’t be honoring our bodies in the same way!

Do not wait for an unbearable injury, extreme stiffness, or painful soreness to take care of yourself. Be proactive and check your own oil and inspect your functions regularly. If this is not yet a habit for you, you may be neglecting your body of the little things that it needs, pushing you closer to a break or burnout in your health and fitness journey.

Pay attention to these 5 signs that your body is craving a reboot and recharge, and provide it the reset that it needs!

Constant Fatigue

If you are constantly fatigued or low on energy, this could be a sign that you are in need of a total reset (rest, proper nutrition, and low impact workouts and movement). If you take all of the appropriate steps to reboot and recharge, yet still feel fatigued, consult with a doctor about your symptoms and explore other possible reasons that you could be feeling this way.

Decreased Mobility

Take a break from the gym and the weights if your flexibility and mobility have significantly decreased. Depending on the type of function limitation, consult with a Physical Therapist or another professional about best ways to reboot your body!

Heightened Stress or Dread Around Working Out

Sometimes, we get caught up in the rush! Working out is energizing and, quite frankly, can be addictive. If you are not taking the proper days off for your body to heal, and staggering your workouts to target different muscle groups and at different intensity levels, you may be more inclined to experience a heightened stress or dread around jumping into a workout. If this sounds like you, take a step back and let your love and adrenaline around fitness reboot and recharge naturally!

Indulging Frequently in Foods that you Typically Try to Avoid

When we heavily restrict our bodies of particular activities, foods, and drinks, it can backfire, slowly fueling massive cravings for each of your “forbidden” treats. If you find yourself indulging in ways that you define as outside of your health and fitness best practices, take a moment and reassess the boundaries you have set for yourself, as well as your goals. If it feels right for you, reset how you define these practices and reboot your health with adjusted standards in mind.

Unable to Heal Injuries/Return of Old Injuries

If you are unable to heal from an injury or if an old injury has come back to bother you, chances are you are in need of a total reboot and recharge. Take a break and let your body heal without the added stress of working out or full-body movement.

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