Complete Protein vs. Incomplete Protein on a Plant-Based Diet

Complete Protein vs. Incomplete Protein on a Plant-Based Diet

While vegetarian and vegan eating patterns are on the rise, they do not come without their criticisms, especially when it comes to protein. Anyone who has opted out of the consumption of animal products will attest to this. The question, ‘How do you get enough protein?’ is no stranger to the vegetarian and vegan communities, but luckily, they have some really good answers.

Pea protein is one of the most common sources of protein for vegans. Found in many plant-based protein powders, pea protein is sourced from yellow peas and carries a plethora of benefits. As a high-quality, easily digested protein, it is highly compatible with people who steer clear of dairy and gluten, and those that are hypoallergenic. While pea protein is rich in iron, arginine, leucine and isoleucine, it is not a complete protein.

Complete proteins are proteins that contain all nine of the essential amino acids in good proportion. Animal products like meats and eggs check this box, but just like pea protein, many good plant-based sources of protein do not have all nine essential amino acids, and are therefore incomplete. Not every protein that we consume has to be complete, but this is something that those who eat plant-based should consider when choosing their protein sources.

There are plenty of complete, plant-based proteins, including hemp protein, quinoa, soybean products, buckwheat, spirulina and chia seeds (to name a few)! So, if you are plant-based or thinking of trying it out, you want to ensure that your daily protein intake pulls from some of the complete sources shared above. And the best way to do this is to find a protein powder that does it for you!

Nourish™ Vegan, Leverage Nutrition’s plant-based protein, includes both incomplete and complete proteins in every serving. Pea protein is the first ingredient, ensuring that the product is smooth and friendly to your digestive system. Hemp protein is the second ingredient, with chia seeds and spirulina also included, guaranteeing 21 grams of solid, incomplete and complete protein with every scoop. Whether you are new to the plant-based conversation or are a seasoned vegetarian or vegan, Nourish™ may just be the product for you.

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