Prepping for a Workout Like a Champ

Prepping for a Workout Like a Champ

Crushing a workout has as much to do with what you do before it as what you do during it.

How do you prepare for your workout? Do you have a routine? Do you stretch, hydrate, or take pre-workout?

There are countless ways to maximize your gym workout. However, if you do the right pre-workout stretches, prioritize hydration, and incorporate the right supplements, you will be well on your way to crushing your workouts, time and time again. Check out the following tips on how to best prepare for your workouts so that you start and finish your sweat sessions with optimal energy and mobility.


Stretching before your workouts is key for maintaining flexibility and mobility, in addition to being an essential when it comes to strength building and injury prevention. If you know you are about to hop into a leg day, be sure to extend extra focus to your lower body. The same goes for shoulder day and any abdominal exercises. No matter what area of the body you focus on, it is important to incorporate both static and dynamic stretching before you put your body to work. Begin with static stretches-- these are stretches that you hold in place. Some popular dynamic stretches are overhead tricep stretches, cobra pose, and the butterfly stretch. Once you are warmed up a bit, you can move into some dynamic stretches. These are stretches that are contingent on movement. Some popular dynamic stretches are walking lunges, inchworms, and knee to chest.


Keeping your body hydrated should always be a priority, but this should climb to the very top of your to-do list before you workout. When you exercise, sweat is a given. If you sweat profusely for 30 minutes to an hour, your body is being depleted of water and can quickly become dehydrated. To counteract this natural process, it is essential that you drink water before you engage in exercise. No matter what time of day you plan to workout, drink plenty of water beforehand and prepare your body for the sweat it is sure to experience.


Taking a pre-workout supplement can be an intimidating addition to any health and fitness journey. Many who feel this way may be experiencing questions like “what is in pre-workout?” and “when do I take it?” These questions are valid and have very simple answers. Pre-workout is a mix of energy boosting components including vitamin B, Alpha-ketoglutarate, beta alanine, and a safe, yet effective amount of caffeine. Collectively, these components boost endurance, focus, and strength, while improving circulation, athletic performance, and your body’s ability to build lean muscle. Take the indicated serving size of pre-workout 30 minutes before you begin to exercise and feel more energized than ever before.

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