Pre-Workout for Dummies

Pre-Workout for Dummies

Pre-workout is a common supplement amongst active gym goers. Most of us are familiar with the energy boosting, focus enhancing product, however, not quite as familiar with what exactly gives this supplement its high status in the world of squats and sit ups. Ever heard of alpha-ketoglutarate or beta alanine? No worries if not— you are not alone! Alpha-ketoglutarate is a precursor to nitric oxide production. It is proven to boost nitric oxide levels in the body by increasing L-arginine, an amino acid which releases nitric oxide to improve blood flow in the body and circulation to working muscles. Beta alanine is used for improving athletic performance, exercise, function and building lean muscle. Together, they are the ultimate dynamic duo. Throw Vitamin B in the mix, along with a safe (yet effective) amount of caffeine, and you have a pre-workout supplement that prepares your mind and body for an explosive workout.

A frequently asked question regarding pre-workout use is ‘is it beneficial for me to take it?’ Pre- workout is not one size fits all, but is proven to be beneficial for a vast range of athletes, regimes and fitness goals. The following are a few characteristics that may be improved upon with the simple addition of a pre-workout supplement:

  1. If you are an early riser, not because you are naturally up and about before the sun rises, but because it is the only time you can fit a workout in, you may find yourself struggling to find the energy to crush a workout before starting your day. This is where pre-workout can be extremely beneficial. Take the supplement 20-30 minutes before you grab some weights or hop on a bike and experience unprecedented energy in the morning.
  2. This one if for all of the social butterflies in the gym. You know who you are. Conversation and community are far from unusual in these spaces, but isn’t something that has to take away from your workout. Pre-workout boosts motivation and focus, allowing you to keep on track without caving into the distractions.
  3. Ever start a workout off strong and feel utterly drained halfway through? Whether this a frequent occurrence or a post-night out pattern, pre-workout will give you that extra push that you need to finish a workout as strong as you started it.

If any of these sound like you in the gym, you may benefit from the addition of a pre- workout supplement like Leverage Nutrition's Prime™. Try it out and feel the difference in energy, endurance and focus next time you hit the gym.

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