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Overcoming Obstacles in Your Health and Fitness Journey

A quick google search will tell you that all you need to do is change your diet and workout a bit to make any significant changes to your health and fitness. A trainer or professional may go a bit deeper and tell you that it is more than just changing diet and exercise habits, and that you need to modify your lifestyle to make any significant and sustainable improvements to your health and fitness.

While both of these claims contain truth, they both fail to acknowledge one very big step in accomplishing any heath and fitness goal— overcoming personal obstacles.

There is no rule-book or strict regimen that will take any person from point A to point B in their health and fitness journey. Improving your diet and incorporating physical movement into your daily activities will help you to make progress, but to create change that is sustainable, you must overcome any personal obstacles that prevent these changes from permeating the surface of your health and fitness.

Personal obstacles are just that… personal. No dietitian, trainer, or fitness influencer could compile an exhaustive list all of the obstacles that one could face. From injuries, health complications and a lack of confidence to mental health disorders, fear of big change and everything in between, there is more to each and every person’s health and fitness journey than what they eat and how often they break a sweat.

Overcoming any number of personal obstacles is challenging, but it is not impossible. When you make the necessary changes to your diet and workout regimen, you generate familiarity with what it means to live a healthier and more active lifestyle. With this proximity, you can cultivate the motivation, clarity, and personal connections that can help you to overcome any personal challenges.

Personal obstacles that keep you from making the sustainable changes to your health and fitness may be something that only you can fully comprehend, but just because they are personal does not mean that they have to be overcome solely by you. If you are comfortable, confide in someone that you trust and that you feel can support you as you work to overcome the personal obstacles that you are facing. Whether this is talking to a friend or working closely with a trainer, sharing personal challenges can be a validating and productive experience, allowing you to reach any and all health and fitness goals.

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