Need a Boost to Hit your 2020 Goal? We got you.

We are living in a summer like no other. With large gatherings prohibited and restaurant dining and lively events canceled, many of the things that make summer ‘summer’ are absent. Since March, our lives have looked very different than we originally anticipated. Many of us have experienced our fair share of set backs, especially when it comes to health and fitness. Eating habits are all out of wack and workouts just aren’t the same when you are bicep curling a bottle of laundry detergent and not a dumbbell. With all things considered, reaching our original health and fitness goals for 2020 may be more daunting than we planned. Goals can always be scaled back, but who wants to do that? Sometimes you just need a boost.

Unfortunately, the needed ‘boost’ to our health and fitness is multi-faceted. There is not one thing that you can do that addresses all of the areas in need. There is not one pill, one workout or daily regimen that will launch you to your desired physical and mental state. And before you start assessing the means to which you can salvage your 2020 goals, you need to assess where you are at. Ask yourself what your body needs to get back on track. Once you can answer this question, the rest will fall into place.

From pre-workout to protein powder, Leverage Nutrition offers a range of products that can help with your desired boost. If quarantine has you balancing a few more challenges than preferred, the needed support may not be found in just one product. This is why Leverage created the Performance Stack! With distinct options for men and women, this package is the dynamic boost that many of us are craving.

Including products T-Revive for men and Indulge for women, H-Optimize, Thrive Daily, Replenish Hydra+ and Torch, this product bundle is designed to refine and tune up our bodies from every angle, giving you the boost you need to reach your 2020 goals, regardless of the set backs that COVID-19 has posed. Collectively, these products will re-energize your endurance, recovery and growth, giving you the means to tackle the second half of 2020 with the energy and motivation that you came into it with.

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