le·ver·age : How Do You Define It?

If one were to complete an online search for the definition of the word ‘leverage’, they would encounter quite a mix of descriptions.

Cambridge Dictionary defines the verb ‘leverage’ as the action “of using something that you already have in order to achieve something new or better." Dictionary.com defines the verb as “the use of a quality or an advantage to obtain a desired effect or result." And the mother of all dictionaries, Merriam Webster herself, keeps the definition sweet and simple: "to use for gain."

Despite the differences that decorate this word, collectively every definition points to an act of using something for gain. We leverage our experiences, strengths and resources all of the time to make positive differences in our lives. When applying for a new job, you leverage past work experiences to earn the new position. Or when experimenting in the kitchen with a new recipe, you leverage your knowledge of culinary practice and flavor profiles to successfully create a dish.

The same comes to our health and fitness. You leverage resources like weights, gym space and input from coaches and professionals in order to experience the most effective, sustainable personal growth.

This is what Leverage Nutrition is all about— sharing products that are intended to be leveraged by everyday people to experience gain.

Supplements are an ultimate source of leverage. They are products that are created with the intent of gain. Supplements that help us sleep better and longer set us up for days full of energy and motivation. Pre-workout sets us up for high intensity workouts while protein powder works to ensure muscle growth. The list goes on. And on. Don’t exclude supplements from the list of resources that you use to see positive growth in your life. Maximize your health and fitness with any Leverage Nutrition product and send thanks later.

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