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4 Tips for Taking on the A.M. or P.M. Workout

Some of us don't have the flexibility to enjoy a mid-day workout. Others are naturally drawn to the sweat before the sun rises or even the sweat that comes once the sun goes down.

No matter the reason you don’t workout in the middle of the day, early morning and late night workouts can be challenging. For those that find themselves with dumbbells in their hands before their family is up and about, it can be difficult to get your body moving without properly hydrating and fueling your body first. For those that find themselves working out as their last activity before going to bed, it can be a challenge to find the energy to get up and move after a day of eating, drinking, and working.

To add an extra layer of challenge to these already difficult situations, working out from home is something else to consider! If these struggles resonate with you, tune into these 4 tips and tricks to ensure you can crush the a.m. or p.m. workout that typically poses dread to your day!


If you have the energy and motivation to crank through an hour long workout in the early morning or late evening, fantastic. If you don’t, fantastic. If pushing through a long workout at either of these less than ideal hours for you is challenging, simply adapt. 30 minutes may suit your schedule better and is more than enough time to break a good sweat. If you have even half an hour or less to get your daily exercise in, try to commit to a high-intensity, quick moving workout to maximize your time!


A big challenge for those who workout early in the morning or late at night can be simply getting your head in the game. If this sounds like you, try out a high-intensity circuit. A workout like this with a complex and diverse structure will keep your mind sharp and engaged throughout the workout to ensure you get your head in the game (and that it stays there)!


Music is a game changer in any workout, especially if you are doing it at a time that suits your schedule more than your preference. If you are working out from home, don’t hesitate to turn up the speaker or crank up the headphones for the ultimate push. This kind of rush may mimic the endorphins that you experience in the gym, putting you in a mental and physical place that craves a good pump.


If you are working out in the early morning or late at night, chances are you have experienced your fair share of motivation deprivation. If you're working out from home and have been combating this a lot, it is time to lift the burden of finding motivation yourself and placing it onto someone else… like an online fitness coach. Tune into a live or recorded workout class at whatever hour in the day works best for you and allow the virtual trainer to foster and share the motivation that you need to get things going!

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