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4 Lunch Ideas to Meal Prep for the Lazy

Meal Prepping. While some people feel very passionate about this activity, others are quite intimidated by it. Some have one idea of what meal prepping looks like, and others play with the diversity and creativity of the practice weekly.

It is a common misconception to associate meal prepping with inflexible menu options that take your entire Sunday to prepare. In reality, meal prepping can look like many different food options and prep time commitments!

Whether you are a meat eater, vegetarian, or vegan, you can easily incorporate meal prepping into your weekly routine with little time commitment! Check out these 4 meal prepped lunch ideas for all of the lazy people looking to add nutrients, stability, and simplification to their mid-day eating patterns.

  1. Protein Prep

Whether you eat meat or not, prepping your protein for the week ahead of time can prove to be incredibly beneficial. Baking multiple chicken breasts, hard boiling eggs, or cooking any plant-based protein ahead of time will ensure that you are getting sufficient protein at every lunch, even on your busiest days!

  1. Pre-Cut Vegetables

An easy way to be proactive when it comes to eating enough servings of vegetables throughout the day is to cut and prepare them in advance. By chopping up peppers, onion and mushrooms for your week’s omelets or washing and cutting up your salad greens on the weekend, you can save yourself time throughout the week while simultaneously creating an avenue for you to easily incorporate veggies into your lunch every day.

  1. Batch Prep

Cooking one big meal on Sunday is a super easy way to meal prep lunch for the week. Making anything from chicken salad to soup or veggie pasta to a grain bowl can be a way to check off lunch for a few days of the week without compromising your time or health!

  1. Sweet Tooth Prep

Some of us have a sweet tooth that is impossible to ignore at any meal… even lunch. If this sounds like you, prep a few desserts on the weekend that you know will satisfy your craving without doing a disservice to your health! Protein-packed chia seed pudding or simple ingredient cookies are just two great options.

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