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122 Reasons to Not Give Up on 2020

You are not alone if you cannot believe that we are already approaching September. Pure craziness. September means a lot of things- like the weather will cool down and the leaves will soon change. It also means that Halloween and Thanksgiving are right around the corner... and the holiday season shortly after. Before we know it, we will be planning for 2021 and asking ourselves where did 2020 go?

While it is totally justified to look at 2020 as a year of complexities, changes, and yet so much stillness, it doesn’t have to be a year totally wasted, especially when it comes to our personal health and fitness.

Yes, gyms are closed or highly regulated.
Yes, routine has been increasingly difficult to maintain.
Yes, the many months of pure uncertainty have taken a toll on our mental health.

These are all a given, but they do not have to define this moment in our health and fitness journeys. It is called a​ journey​ for a reason! While some bits and pieces of the story are slow moving, others do not have to be. It is time to look 2020 straight in the face and to say “I am not done with you yet!”

Really take advantage of the remaining 4 months of this whirlwind of a year. This might not sound like a lot of time to turn things around or to get back on the path you set for yourself in the beginning of the year, but these last 4 months are 122 days! That is 122 untouched opportunities for you to do what is best for your health- physically, mentally and emotionally!

Maybe it is time to do that thing that you backlogged some time ago. Whether that is working out at least 5 days of the week, incorporating yoga into your routine, getting enough ​protein​ in your diet or doing something to give you the ​extra boost​ that you have been craving, do it! No need to wait around for 2021 when 2020 is right here, right now!

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